Monday, June 22, 2009


....I'm totally out of Indian Village rag paper to paint my gouaches on!!!!!!! I am combing the Internet trying to find something that will do. Needs to be 300 lb cold pressed irregular rag.........I'm so spoiled. For the last ten years I've been hoarding it and using it sparingly, but I'm finally out. If anyone out there knows where to find this precious paper, please please let me know. You will be rewarded in fabulous art karma.

I'm painting on grainy whatever paper that is around here in old flat file drawers.....I'm starting to think about painting on grocery store paper bags....not a bad surface.....and surely I don't need to worry if it lasts for two hundred years. I'm a bit too pessimistic for that.

Have you seen my paper??????


  1. Have you tried Dick Blick?
    Instead of grocery bags I would use the Bogus Paper it more durable. I think this is the same thing I used.

  2. Hi,
    I've got the same problem, have you found any yet and would you be so sweet and share the source with me?

    Thank you and balmy greetings from the Caribbean...

    Hannah Moser

  3. Hannah, I would love to share with you if I had found it....but I haven't. I've tried several papers from different sellers here in Houston and all over the web...and can't find anything to compare. I loved the stiffness of the little boards and the funky edges. Please let me know if you find any thing similar. I'm going to keep looking. Oh, and someone said they thought the maker in India had gone out of business. drat.
    Best, Gail.

  4. Hello,
    We are manufacturers of eco-friendly handmade watercolor paper here in India. We have various finishes like, smooth, medium, rough, extra rough to offer. We make paper from postcard size to 70cm x 100 cm, and are avialable from 80 gsm to 1200 gsm. Please let us know your requirment and we will be glad to help. You can visit our facebook page-!/pages/Pune/Eco-Friendly-WatercolorArtists-Drawing-Paper-Manufacturing/119450748082?ref=ts
    You can send us a email on
    Looking forward to a reply from you...
    Vighnesh Pethe

  5. Hello,
    We have the paper you are looking for. We manufacture the handmade watercolor papers here in India. Our papers are 100% acid free and are externaly sized. We can customise size from postcard to 70cm x 100 cm. We also manufacure our paper in various finishes, matt, burlap, rough, smooth, extra rough and medium. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.
    Vighnesh Pethe

  6. I too have been hoarding Indian Village Watercolor paper and am just running out. Daniel Smith no longer carries it. In frustration I came on your link, so am contacting Vighnesh Pethe. THANKS SO MUCH for posting this!!


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