Tuesday, May 27, 2008

rant on imagination in art

I have started two rants in a row about imagination in art. I had to erase everything, because although that is what I do, I can't say why or how. I once had an art teacher who said that if I was better at making "art" I wouldn't be the artist I was/am. (It's my "am" because I still am.....and I think this quote was made about Georgia O'Keefe, originally.......so I take the compliment but bear no resemblance in any way, fashion or fame or art to Ms. O'K.)

I think that because I dredge up all sorts of dark to ecstatic images, symbolic, storytelling, leading and misleading, people can relate to what they represent. Just because we have all that in common. And it is my very strong belief that although the art world is run/headed by luminaries like Jeff Koons and Julian Schnabel, the world also needs artists that folks can relate to and just realize their humanness through them. Like poetry, a good story or that song on the radio that makes you cry.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The trend of the hairy ball

I have been posting many photos on Flickr of a series of drawings I'm calling Hairy Ball. I know this sounds silly, and there are so many possible connotations ( !!! ). But this has been a serious endeavour. I have grappled my way slowly through this and I am finding that:

the ball is certainly a metaphor,
it is a character in a play;
a stand in for the average helpless nebbish;
a helpless, or violent (who knows) creature from outer space;
or perhaps the last survivor of a disaster on some far (or near) planet.
It is also a possible stand in for the feelings of isolation and disconnect, that we live in today.

I just know that I relate to it and that I am not done with the drawing of it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

great memory bad memory

My memory for visual artwork is pretty damn good. I recognize work I've seen even for a second or two before in a flash. My memory for how to get somewhere and what the landmarks are is excellent too.

Just a little problem though. I can't remember names. I know most people have a problem with this and there are many tricks to help, like Mr. Dogget looks like a spaniel.

But I even have a problem with people's faces. With people that I've met maybe three times (briefly at an opening), I have to be told, sometimes in a pissed whisper from someone I'm with: the name is......(you idiot!). I think the problem is that I am shy and I only glance at the face. I am animated, I interact, I listen, I am a good people person. But someone somewhere told me not to stare....so I don't. So the person image escapes me.

I am really really bad about this. If their faces were drawn on, two dee, in someway, it would be better. If we could all walk around with flat paper masks, I'd be able to do it ! It isn't getting any better. Perhaps worse. I have some sort of hole in my head, where all the people information leaks out.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

dog gone wallet

Sunday morning. Mother's day. Everyone sweet. J had a little pile of something on the counter for me where I would find it. My wallet in tiny shredded pieces. The dog.

Ollie the bad dog found my driver's license to be the tastiest bit mangling it to unrecognizable contortions with large and small holes where the information should be. And twisted. My check card looked the same. My ymca card that I always intend to use is perfect. And perhaps knowing that I might really need them, he left my insurance card and business cards alone. They might have tasted bad. And then he nuzzled my hand and looked at me with big brown adoring eyes.

Just when you think you are a very important human with important rush rush things to do, a child or a furry friend will remind you that all that matters is love.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

stolen artwork

I have decided to show, here, a painting that was stolen from me about 7 years ago by someone called Thom Anderson, a then designer in Houston. He had been a friend. I found out later that he cheated other people as well, not just me. He asked to "borrow" this painting (at the upper right of the blog) for a photo shoot at his new loft for a publication. I've been asked to do this before for other designers. And like most artists, I trusted in friendship and good will. Bad move.

I asked repeatedly to get the piece back and he always promised to send a truck with it. He never did and we have lost contact (perhaps "split" is a better term). I don't know where he is or more important to me....where my painting is.

The painting is large, about 80" x 96", oil on canvas on heavy stretchers. My name and the name and info on the piece on the back. This piece was always a favorite of mine and I might have had a chance to sell it, but it was hijacked.

If anyone ever sees this painting please contact me

Monday, May 5, 2008

hunting prize extravaganza

This past Saturday night I attended a large fundraiser/art competition/collector venue/oil company tax write off/food, flowers, art extravaganza. It was the Hunting Prize competition in which I was a finalist. Don't get too excited, I was one of 128 finalists from across the state. Still, an honor.

I usually thoroughly avoid events of this scale at this time in my life, feeling that I put in my time for years, some years ago. But, it was nice to be treated nicely and the money earned from patrons buying tickets and art is all going to scholarships....and the artist keeps any money made from sales. So, it was nice but also a bit funny. Like the guy in a loin cloth at the entrance blowing a trumpet as the patron filled cars arrived.

And, standing in the middle of a fountain under a big wire globe was a guy painted in gold wearing a gold lame speedo and being a statue. The food was terrific....and it was great fun seeing some old acquaintances. AND seeing some zippy outfits with what looked like super expensive shoes etc.

So.....it was really ok after all and worth getting out of my jeans.

swamp, 55" x 29"

in progress

flying fish, 55" x 29"

eye with a view

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