Monday, May 5, 2008

hunting prize extravaganza

This past Saturday night I attended a large fundraiser/art competition/collector venue/oil company tax write off/food, flowers, art extravaganza. It was the Hunting Prize competition in which I was a finalist. Don't get too excited, I was one of 128 finalists from across the state. Still, an honor.

I usually thoroughly avoid events of this scale at this time in my life, feeling that I put in my time for years, some years ago. But, it was nice to be treated nicely and the money earned from patrons buying tickets and art is all going to scholarships....and the artist keeps any money made from sales. So, it was nice but also a bit funny. Like the guy in a loin cloth at the entrance blowing a trumpet as the patron filled cars arrived.

And, standing in the middle of a fountain under a big wire globe was a guy painted in gold wearing a gold lame speedo and being a statue. The food was terrific....and it was great fun seeing some old acquaintances. AND seeing some zippy outfits with what looked like super expensive shoes etc. was really ok after all and worth getting out of my jeans.

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