Monday, May 19, 2008

great memory bad memory

My memory for visual artwork is pretty damn good. I recognize work I've seen even for a second or two before in a flash. My memory for how to get somewhere and what the landmarks are is excellent too.

Just a little problem though. I can't remember names. I know most people have a problem with this and there are many tricks to help, like Mr. Dogget looks like a spaniel.

But I even have a problem with people's faces. With people that I've met maybe three times (briefly at an opening), I have to be told, sometimes in a pissed whisper from someone I'm with: the name is......(you idiot!). I think the problem is that I am shy and I only glance at the face. I am animated, I interact, I listen, I am a good people person. But someone somewhere told me not to I don't. So the person image escapes me.

I am really really bad about this. If their faces were drawn on, two dee, in someway, it would be better. If we could all walk around with flat paper masks, I'd be able to do it ! It isn't getting any better. Perhaps worse. I have some sort of hole in my head, where all the people information leaks out.

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