Tuesday, November 1, 2011

snoring irritating men

This has nothing to do with painting, except that it has been one of my subjects for the last 35 years. 

The painful subject is relationships.  Two adults living together and creeping up on each other's last nerve. I mean, come on, I almost never complain here.  But:

The toilet runs and has to be babied in order to work.

The sidewalk and walkway to the house have been uprooted by the oak tree and will cause someone to sue us for millions of dollars when they trip and die!

The house has not been painted for decades and the roof is surely due to fall in.

And the other person in this house SNORES LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN.

I have painted some funny, some poignant, some soulful, some outrageous, some angry relationship paintings for years and years.  Now you know it's based in life.  Arggh.  And most of us live it.

Oh, yeah,  and Peace.


  1. we are all allowed a day when we want to be single, Gail, have at it!! With a big hug and sisterly love...Mariann

  2. Thank you Mariann....your kindly words help...I appreciate it...and I'm sure I'll feel better in the morning!

  3. Sorry you're in a grump. Sorry also you decided to unsibscribe from my blog. Hope it was Feedblitz and not me that irritated.

  4. Oh, Harry, I'm sorry, it was a mistake, I'm happily back on your blog. Thanks.


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