Sunday, November 13, 2011

heaps of good food

I am here in Palo Alto, home of  Stanford who just ended their 11 game winning streak to Oregon...not that I usually know anything about football, but it was hard to ignore all the RV's and tail gating cars and trucks with people clad in either red and white or green and white.

No, I am attending my mother's Endgame...although she's no where near that, really.   I can no longer take her out to lunch or on long drives as there is too much discomfort for her in the car.  So I now bring her tasty morsels  to alleviate the boredom of bland assisted living food.  Heaped on her plate are:
figs; kiwi berries; blueberries; strawberries; sliced kiwi; sliced apple; a lady apple; stone wheat crackers; cheese polenta (if it's not turkey or chicken salad); fig cookies; and to drink, S. Pellegrino.  She loves it...the taste, and the vision of all that color.

And the color here in Palo Alto is weeks ahead of the trees are glorious.  And although it is quite nice here and my mother is doing well, I can't wait to get home again to He Who Snores, but I love him anyway.



  1. Dear Gail
    I am in Kerrville. My Mother is dying, so at least they say it is so. The first week, I got here, she was frail and needed assistance, but present. Within the week, she is sleeping... and so it has been for the last week. So really she has been gone for a week. I have been gone for two weeks. It has all happened so fast, but that is a good thing, too. Death is never as you might think, but this has been loving and gentle. Hope you are well. amme;;

  2. Ahhh, loving and gentle, I am glad for you, for that, at least. And from what I have witnessed with those I have lost, perhaps an acceptance, a kind of bliss. I wish you well, we are the ones left to remember. For now.


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