Friday, April 23, 2010

the excellent lived in face

Just saw Olivia Newton John on the bbc Graham Norton show. I have to spout. He is so funny, do love him. But. Much comment on how great she looks and my my she is 61 years old. I object. Her forehead never moved. Her hair is the color it was forty years ago and there is suspect puffy lip syndrome. I'm just tired tired tired of it. What the hell is wrong with being the age you are?

I like my salt and pepper hair. My mouth is beginning to have a few lines around it from whistling for years. My face and forehead are in continuous movement when I'm talking or listening and responding to someone. I have character, damn it! Too bad of me to take it out on the innocent O. N. John. There are plenty of other examples. She just tipped me over I guess. I love a good lived in face. People not in the movies or on tv are mostly good faces, it would seem. It would be nice to see an ad or movie with a few normal looking people. Agggh.



  1. This is why Jessica Lange did not want to get plastic surgery. She said she did not want to lose her connection to the lineage of aging in her families' females. Thank you for this post Gail.

  2. I agree. I'm tired of seeing all these ladies with the same faces! Nothing moves on them - their smiles are phony! I will keep my well-earned wrinkles and the white hair that is starting to peek through the brunette! I adore the photo of you and your mother! It gave me such a warm smile! I have just found your blog and will be back for a visit! Jamie V in MT (USA)

  3. i agree as well. and so does my husband. thank goodness:) looking like a wax model of yourself when you are 60+ is unnerving. thank you!

  4. Thanks so much, Katherine, Jamie and Laura. I'm sure many more women agree with us. Wax model...yech, that says it well, Laura.

  5. My favorite face is that of Lilian Hellman in her later years, truly amazing.

  6. I agree, David. Another favorite of mine is Edith Sitwell...I've seen some amazing photos of her.


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