Thursday, April 1, 2010

back road dawdling

Took the tiny cute mother out on a wild ride today. With my long suffering life partner in the back seat and tiny cute mama in the front seat, we set upon the back roads of California hills allowing whimsy to lead us. Hairpin turns, one car roads, muddy and impossible turnouts, a bit of rain and glorious views cleared my head of any crackly ordinary chore dreary thoughts. The roads through the area between San Francisco and Santa Cruz may look merely hilly from a distance, but the car, the transmission and my adrenalin say they were mountains. Happily we saw few other cars until we resurfaced after mazes of old stage roads, onto incomparable hiway 1.

The surf was wild and foamy, the wind enough to stall a few seagulls and the smell of fresh was exhilarating. This is perhaps the best time of the year to dawdle around in back roads here....the hills are Irish green, blossoms abound and the undergrowth below redwoods, madrone and oaks was a fairy land. Which suits my mother very well...she has the magic of belief and wonder about her and enjoys every cloud, every forget me not and every twist of the road. The back seat other half of my life was patient and enduring. And in Pescadero there was pie and coffee.



  1. I am so jealous Gail, it's been years since I have been there. I grew up in the area north of San Francisco. Part of the time I lived in an Eichler! Enjoy yourself.

  2. You were in my neighborhood and I loved seeing it all with your fresh eyes and words...and you found the good pie too!

  3. Thanks, Katherine and Blue Sky,
    I do miss living here, especially this time of the year. Despite the traffic, you can be up the hill and beautifully lost on back roads in no time.

  4. Hello Gail, I'm your second cousin - first cousin to Lynda and Denise of Davis. I'm in Sacramento at the moment tending a nephew with a hip replacement.
    I hope I will get to meet your mother and you sometime - though I'm not that often in CA - I live in Colorado.
    Looked at your website -love your work.
    Marilyn (Mary to family)
    ps I see we were born the same year.


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