Sunday, March 28, 2010

mid-century housing, the Eichler

Away from the mural. In California. Amidst the mother in assisted living, the house with termites, and bountiful pollen.
It is funny how one perceives things. I was just at my nephew's wedding, all nice and family and all that. In talking with another nephew, I found he thought of my mother's house as having the look of military housing. I was flabbergasted. How funny. The house that belongs to my mother is an Eichler, built in the 50's of stained redwood and glass with a slanted roof. No attic, no Tudor redo, no traditional barbie house, no grass. It is what is now called "mid century", and rather desirable.
I have always liked this kind of housing.... I grew up in it and felt the inside-outside California vibe of it, and it's connection to nature and the land around it. And I ended up in a house much like it in Houston.

But my nephew is right. This sort of house does not appeal to everyone. It doesn't have an attic or a basement or drywall. You can hear the rain on the roof. You can see the garden from almost every room. You are part of it. Certainly it is getting a bit rundown after 50 years, and I have a lot to do just to keep the termites at bay and the garden trimmed, but there is meditative peace here. The house dwells in the garden, they co exist and belong together.



  1. good morning Gail - I've been reading your blog for awhile now and thought it was time to leave a comment - the house sounds wonderful - an extension of life :)

  2. Thank you Jeane. That's it inside outside house as an extension of life.

  3. Man, I want to join the army that had an Eichler barracks. Maybe the rustic CCC had improvised housing that suggested Eichler but I think of facing Mammoth Lake or a back country scree climb as a setting n the army could have me! Hope you're knocking em the by..could you send me a link where I could acquire a small monograph from one of your shows..I checked ADDALL the book search engine and could find none..timbo

  4. Well...I did explain to my nephew what real army housing was I lived in it with my family after ww2. Plywood, slats in the floor where you could see thorough to the dirt, tar paper on the outside and a tin shower. The housing may be a bit better now. When I get home to my own computer, I can send you copies of invites of some of my shows...don't have access here. Thanks, bolster the mini blues.

  5. No need for the blues...get home safe okay..i'm taking a break from flickr and SU for a bit...not doing any good so email if you need anything or discover a cure for humankind. love Tim


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