Sunday, May 11, 2008

dog gone wallet

Sunday morning. Mother's day. Everyone sweet. J had a little pile of something on the counter for me where I would find it. My wallet in tiny shredded pieces. The dog.

Ollie the bad dog found my driver's license to be the tastiest bit mangling it to unrecognizable contortions with large and small holes where the information should be. And twisted. My check card looked the same. My ymca card that I always intend to use is perfect. And perhaps knowing that I might really need them, he left my insurance card and business cards alone. They might have tasted bad. And then he nuzzled my hand and looked at me with big brown adoring eyes.

Just when you think you are a very important human with important rush rush things to do, a child or a furry friend will remind you that all that matters is love.


  1. :) yeah, I think dogs are here to show us what the really important things are!

    I'm really liking your art!!!

  2. Thanks, Darren. Yep, the dogs have it right: eat, sleep, pee,poop, run, eat, sleep. That is, if they are "fixed" like my dog. Otherwise,there would be more fun for them.


swamp, 55" x 29"

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