Thursday, February 26, 2009

flickr artists all friends in the same boat

I must sing the praises of I know that it's mostly a photo type interaction but there is a little niche there for visual artists. From all over the world! I mean, really, did you ever have a pen pal? It's better. First, there is the automatic connection of art, and most of us tend to lean into the life style of said animal. Then there is the friendship that sprouts up ......quite amazing.

I get to see how the shore looks across from the Isle of Wight....the snow in countries that used to be Russia....the cafes of Paris.....New York street art.....studios grand and tiny....I get to know students of art and hard working artists who've been at it for 35 yrs.....I see paintings and sculptures in progress....people looking for and receiving advice....people's gardens, people's families.......................................amazing to have a gut connection to others who feel about the world as you do.

I guess artists are, even in these times, still a tiny part of the population. It gives us strength and courage to find others in our boat. I'm so pleased to be there not bailing.

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  1. Flickr is a part of the Interweb experience that I'm just coming to appreciate. As an adjunct to blogging, it's a really great tool for the artist. Like many artists, I'm sure, I often feel cut off and isolated, but with blogs and Flickr, that vital connection to other artists can be maintained. Here's to it!


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