Friday, September 25, 2009

the mothership's jade plant

I've just trundled in from two weeks in California tending the mothership and the mothership's house. Both doing well, although in separate places.

I did a little bit of gardening....and managed to kill a very old jade tree (or bush). It was in a wooden container on the front deck...when I went to turn it so it would get adjusted sun, the whole anctient tub fell apart. Hummm what to do? make several Jade plant containers. So, after repotting and tearing out more rotted boards on the deck, I was quite pleased with myself. Ah, but the next day and the next, the jade plant went directly south, as in crapping out. A little of it all was saved....but it is a mere shadow of itself. The mothership was not informed.

Also got to the Sierras for a nice wedding....but also got to go hug trees, boulders and dance though icy kind of soul resurgence.

And now, gratefully, back to the paint.


  1. First what is this Mothership stuff? Second it takes real talent to kill a Jade plant it probably had problems before your actions!
    Once they're bigger than two three feet high they should be permanently planted, No more pots!

  2. The mothership is the 90 old mother in Calif that I visit for a week each month and the house she no longer lives in. Wish I'd known about permanently planted the Jade.....but part of it is surviving, I think. Thanks, you are right, no more pots!


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