Thursday, October 15, 2009

paintings that leave and root beer plants

The rain came.

I'm posting a picture of our root beer plants.....when you break off a leaf and crunch it, the smell of childhood in the form of A and W Root beer fills the air. Wonderful. You can cook with it too I'm told. Not that I cook.

One of the photos shows Ollie the dog in the root beer plants....he is overwhelmed.

The painting continues. Today a nice visit from someone who owns many of my paintings and has come to look for more. A true aficionado who can live with them for ten years and still loves them, how wonderful that is when it happens. Another artist said recently how hard it is to let some paintings go.....I am so glad when they go....they should go breathe and live elsewhere and not in my dusty painting racks. I love it when they leave. They should go have good lives like the little spiders from Charlotte's Web...floating out there on the wind.

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  1. Love this - the relationship to the paintings and their comings and goings. I used to hold on to some for that elusive grand retrospective at a big museum which I'm never having; now I only hold on to a couple of my very favorites and try to send everyone else out, out, out into the world.

    Finally sold one that had been in at least half a dozen shows over 10 years. Boy, was I glad to see that puppy finally go to the right home!!


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