Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the short story of little drawings

In the wilt of the year's hottest month.... after a few more paintings in the studio, I have taken to the pine table in the cool of the house. Armed with colored pencils and stray sheets of paper, work continues. Or, rather, play continues. There is so much less to invest, in time and even effort, in a sheet of paper. You know, just throw it on there and see if it works.

So I'm doing these geometric landscape type things that are whimsy and doodles...perfect for August. The world spins around, I'm no longer working "out there", and my world shrinks a bit.
My world becomes more interior even than it was in all my somewhat narrative paintings. At least for right now, August. And I find myself using symbols and abstracting shapes and using color in a more haphazard way. Who know what September will bring. Meanwhile these colored pencil things are the perfect short story.


  1. Great way to spend August. A giving in to the heat and finding the cool place and the play...bravo!

  2. You know it is said, drawings are the closest to the "way" the artist thinks. I like what you are doing, it is too hot. Even in Taos is a hot time on the old town today. Today I am working on finishing some work. It is a type of presentation. I've never been good at framing, but I'm trying, to assemble some plexie boxes. Good to see what you are doing.


swamp, 55" x 29"

in progress

flying fish, 55" x 29"

eye with a view

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