Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cold studio, cold dog.

It's so cold for people up north I'm a crumb for complaining...but it was cold in my studio today.
When Ollie the dog came to me at the easel for a pat on the head and I felt his skull shivering, I figured it was time for us both to head to the house. It's been going so well out there for me I didn't really notice til he told me.

Have to say, all that noise I was making about switching from oil to acrylic is now in the past. It's finally working really well. I'm back to working the way I like doing the sizes I like and zipping along. I'm in the middle of a sort of "not Alice" Alice and rabbit painting, with them in a kind of strategy meeting with Crow looking on as witness. I figure they're out to dethrone the red queen.

The last time I did a series of animal headed people was in the early 80's....it's fun to be back in that fantasy.

Hope everyone is keeping warm...hot chocolate or English breakfast tea with milk is the ticket.



  1. Love this one Gail...so charming, delightful and captivating. Sorry it is cold there for you too, but I hear warm is coming.

  2. Thank you, Maggie. Glad warm is heading your way as well. Soon I will be complaining about the heat!

  3. Gail this is wonderful! Can we say, Gail's got her groove back? So good to see! I love it!


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