Sunday, March 27, 2011

Texas spring

With great heaps of worm wiggling dirt, digging, hefting, and back aching efforts, the glorious month of March has been happily squating here in my yard. So now, there are rudbeckias, pentas, purple cone flowers, society garlic, sage of every stripe, kangaroo paws, senna, st. john's wort, and many other odd little green things whose names were forgotten between the nursery and my house.....all here and thriving. I know that my friends in upper reaches are still bemoaning snow....but it is spring and nearly summer in the south east of Texas.

And the mosquitoes and fire ants are happy to remind an intripid gardener just who the real bosses of the backyard domain are. I am already waging war. Not that it helps. And certainly not with anything nature unfriendly....which of course is why they are all still here.

The studio is getting a bit too warm....but early mornings are still fine. I have a window a/c unit...which somehow needs to be removed and wrenched into working shape every year. So far this 82 degree spring it isn't working. Which would be ok if the do0r to the garden could be left open....but you see, I would then be breakfast for the winged assasins.



  1. Dear Gail I know I made a comment? I don't know where it went? I wanted to thank you for the reminded or Spring in Houston. In it's way lovely, even with the bugs.

  2. Hi Annell, I don't know where your comment went either....but here is this one...congratulations on such excellent new work. I love the books and love that you may be getting them out there where they belong. Bravo.


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