Sunday, December 23, 2007

holler down the rain barrel

I think I like doing this. Its like hollering down a rain barrel, sliding down the cellar door and we'll be best friends forever more. That from a song learned somewhere in my childhood. But it is a bit like the echo of the rain barrel, speaking to the ether.

Painting is a solitary pursuit. If your personality tends towards the mulling over of things and cherishing time alone, this is a great job. Feeling lonely is exceptionally rare here in the studio....or in the house. There is a husband, John, who has been my stalwart companion through morose penniless times and high wild times. I am lucky to have such a touchstone in him. But as we grow older, we pass each other in the hall so to speak, know the other is there, but follow our own directions, coming together when needed or wanted.

And he's a great subject for evil paintings like "Tensions in the Home". He's often been in the paintings of paper reading neglectful husbands. People respond to a painting like this because the situation is familiar.
And if you are not in the middle of it at the moment, it can be quite funny. All that fuming and door slamming, all that drama. All that love.

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