Monday, December 31, 2007

new shiny year

A new unused year cometh tonight! A chance to try new things....oh yeah. Like maybe get below the 12" level on my desk. Its like archeology. Especially looking for the cord to refill my cell phone amid books I intend to read, receipts I intend to file, addresses I intend to add to the address file that I can't find.

The studio is likewise a mess. But don't we have creative license to be messy? I use tiny bits of paper towel to wipe off the wrong mark or color and fling them to the floor. So in busy months the floor looks like Marti gras passed through. But my real new year's desire is to get rid of all the bad bad stuff in bottles and cans that contain toxic waste. Some of it very old. Like one large plastic container half filled with pepto bismol pink liquid ..... I have no idea what it is. Really. So, the plan is to load up the car one day and drive all this to the toxic recycling place. Which is only open certain times. Hence the inability so far to do it.

I want to get this stuff out before it explodes. Actually, a lot of it is house paint in ancient cans that are starting to corrode. You always think you might use it again. Time has come. I will I will do it.

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