Tuesday, February 26, 2008

acrylic paint

Back in Texas, with the tiny tender leaves beginning. I have had time to think about the problem with oil paints and solvents. I believe they are the root cause of my many bouts with bronchitis.

So I have a pile of acrylic paint heading this way and I'm going to try to switch. I'm anticipating some trouble with it as I have stuck to oil for 35 years. It is a good time to mess about with the new medium and explore a bit.

It is imperative to be committed to your art, but not at the cost of health. Onward.


  1. GAIL:
    Here's to much success with the switch. You are probably right about the pulmonary relatedness. From my own COPD difficulties, related to many types of resins and fiberglass, loved working in lacquer, worked in oils in combination with vinyls and acrylics and working in a foundry caused bronze poisoning. There are many additionals for the acrylics so you can have the touch of oil.
    Go to,Gail, and do more like "Evolution"

  2. Funny, I've been thinking about experimenting with oils again. I don't think I've painted with oils since college, and I think it would be a welcome kind of challenge, although I do love acrylics. The toxicity of oils keeps me at bay, however. Looking forward to hearing--reading--about your switch. May I ask what brand you'll be experimenting with?

  3. I just got Utrecht to start with....not too expensive and I bought a lot. I worked with acrylic when I did murals years ago and liked it for that. Yeah, the toxicity is a problem when its continued for long time. My studio reeks !


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