Thursday, February 7, 2008

fun in the dirt

Another day another idea. Copper. I've painted on metal before, but not for a very long time. I had this copper sheeting left over from a jewelry making idea (a trail not followed) just sitting around. So I cut some small pieces and painted. Fun. So nice to let some sparkly bits of copper shine through.

But today I watched my granddaughters while their mother was at work, and that was and always is a more sublime sort of fun. One will be 4 in May, the other turns 2 this month. The best part today was the almost 4 year old scraping a good section of dirt clear of pine needles, then flat on her back making "dirt angels". She'd seen the kids in snowy places making snow angels and proceeded in the only way a little Texan could....make do with dirt. And her favorite word is "poop". I love it.

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swamp, 55" x 29"

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flying fish, 55" x 29"

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