Wednesday, July 23, 2008

killing rats in the studio wall

OK. I can deal with heat, cold, mosquitoes and old age but I can not deal with #%&**%##** RATS.
They are in my studio wall right next to the painting I'm working on. I try to ignore is impossible. So I got out my big rubber mallet and harassed them by banging on the wall.

Never sounds like a party in there !!

So I've called a nice sounding pest guy and he is coming out to see what we can do. I had white rats and black and white rats as pets when I was a kid and I loved them. However a couple of years ago, I saw 8-10 big big rats running along our trellis and jumping into the plum tree. That did it.
We had them in our attic once and it was a misery but they all left feet first. I don't believe in killing any thing.........except rats.

So the pest guy is coming tomorrow and I've told him I will stay out of the studio....just DO something. Cheers.

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