Sunday, March 29, 2009

wearing pearls

I sit here. With my mother's pearls around my neck wiping tears on my collar. I have always wiped my tears on my collar that is not new. But I don't wear pearls. The pearls are making me feel closer to my mother. She is a lady of very large and creative brain....but some of it is not working anymore.

She is now living in a lovely place but not her place. She says things that are still profound, wise and clever. She still makes people laugh and delight in her. But I can't really connect anymore. So, like many in my shoes, my generation, my time of life....I am saying good bye to my mother while she is still here.

The world goes round, time spins is a wisp and a dream.


  1. Gail, thank you for sharing your thoughts during this trying time for you. Your writing lifts the spirit for anyone having to deal with all this. I love your art, did not know what a writer you are too. I'll keep up with your blog and best to you and your mom!

  2. Gail, here is something you may find interesting from American Public Radio.

    I alos admire your ability to express yourself. Take care of yourself too.

  3. Thanks Marty and Susan....
    Great radio piece, Susan...I'm passing it on.


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