Wednesday, June 15, 2011

hot hot hot

Needless to say, it's hot.  We are in a record breaking drought in a place that is normally sub-tropical.  Scary thoughts seep into one's mind when thinking of tornadoes, floods, droughts and fire....all happening at the same time.
While doing the good and hopeful things like not running the water while doing the brushing of the teeth, and taking canvas bags to the grocery store and keeping the A/C as high as possible, I am making every attempt to remain optimistic and buoyant.  Getting to be an old fart has the benefit of having lived through a lot of the debris of life and knowing that we'll get through it.

Meanwhile, painting, reading, watching and listening and hoping for the best.

Peace.  And maybe a little rain?


  1. Wish we could give you some of our rain..flooding for the next two months are predicted because of late runoff in Iowa..hope you get quenched there!

  2. Well, criminey, Tim, pipe a little down here...and hope you dry out and raise some sunflowers soon.

  3. The weather has been fine here, but there in another fire just over the mountain, sad to say. The smoke fills the valley, but always worry about the critters. Couldn't sleep, up at 2:00 catching up on reading some blogs. Love the piece at the top!


swamp, 55" x 29"

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