Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the morning after

It was one of those nights when the air conditioner was broken in the record heat wave in June.  When reading, nor listening to my MP3 nor watching tv would coerce me into sleep.  Sleeping felt like what I must do,  knowing the morning would bring the monthly trip to California.  But the mind is a child when there is a must do required.   Waking after pieces of sleep felt like I was all apart.  My molecules were spinning off in different directions and causing denial and confusion amongst the body parts.  Even the stomach had something to say.  The kindest remedy was to sit in the reading chair downstairs, doing nothing, musing delicately so as not to disturb the balance of molecules attempting to realign, and watching the sun begin to dance across the wood and textiles in the room as a new day began.

And now, contemplating toothpaste and shower, I know that my morning ahead,  in the sky, watching the earth roll by, I will sleep on the plane and all will be well.


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  1. I found your art through another artist and I must say ... your art is fabulous!!! I really love it! Are you related to Ronnie Siptak or was your grandmother's or great Aunts by chance, Garda Siptak, or Tulle Kneip? We are (they passed away, the two grandmother's)but were all from Round Top, Texas....just wondering...I am an artist as well....look forward to seeing more!! And Bless you for doing as much as you do for your Mom, not an easy thing....Hugs....


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