Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tree hugger me

Ah.  After turning my back momentarily on still life and anonymous people, I find I am embracing trees.  Tree hugger me.  But there is a reason.  We went thorough such a drought from hell last year, that Houston lost tens of thousands of trees.  Pine, magnolia, oak, all kinds.  The Lost Pines of Bastrop burned black and seared until there was nothing left.  And like a lot of people who count on nature to lift their spirits in these difficult times, I found myself in something of a deep blue funk.  Trees are being replanted and for that we are supportive and grateful.  But, it will be a generation before our parks are restored to what they were.  There are, to be sure, lots and lots of trees in this very green town, but now there are also many empty places in between. And the rain has come back.
So.  Painting trees, fish, insects and birds is restoring me.  Looking for serenity I guess.  And it's working.


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swamp, 55" x 29"

in progress

flying fish, 55" x 29"

eye with a view

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