Friday, July 13, 2012

Houston has returned to a rainful summer.  No complaints here.

Paintings of trees, nature, nurture continue to be my focus for now although I guess I finally really see how out of the loop I am, feeling more and more like an outsider artist, because of what I paint and how I do it.  I've been painting since 1964, and due to life's ups and downs never quite finished my art education.  Although for two decades I taught it.  Life is funny.

  I'm working on a solo show for January, 2013....yet I sometimes dream about having a yard sale with the work that is still hanging around in the studio and the gallery.  I think maybe many people feel this way at some point.  Just a little tired, maybe.  Still flying to California once a month to look after my mom....guess I feel a little disjointed.  Ah, crap.  Just venting.  Summer blahs.



  1. The work is beautiful! Perhaps we are on the "downhill", but we have "far" to go before we sleep.

  2. I think annell has said it beautifully. don't underestimate the toll that travelling and caring for your mum takes either, as strong as you think you are, it's a hard thing to do.


swamp, 55" x 29"

in progress

flying fish, 55" x 29"

eye with a view

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