Monday, January 7, 2008

cat advice

The reason for Lulu's demise: an obsessive taste for blanket fringe. Why do cats eat things like this? She also ate bits of plastic Christmas tree, but apparently that was not the problem.

So, I guess you should follow your cat around to protect it.
The dog, Ollie, also eats all and sundry that is left on the floor.
One shoe each of two visiting adults and a couple of visiting baby shoes, any book left too close to the edge of a table (he chews all the corners so if you are lucky you can still read the book), wood of all sorts, and plastic toys are his fare.

I have counted myself lucky so far as I had one friend whose siding and walls were eaten by the dog. You might think that Ollie is a neurotic animal. He is. But he's a very cheerful one. And as all my animals thus far have been neurotic, I can only conclude that it is the environment. But alas, I like being neurotic. It feeds my painting and I'm not giving it up.

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