Friday, January 4, 2008


One of those days. Way too busy, get home late and the cat is sitting by the water dish looking like death.
So off to the vet's. She's spending the night getting re hydrated. I think she ate some plastic Christmas tree needles.

Spent most of the day with grandchildren and daughter in law at the zoo. What a great place for examining human nature. The animals are well behaved to the boring point. The kids, however, display a grasp of primitive behavior that links them to the cave days. Of course I love them dearly, even the ones I don't know, but the thin skin between everything ok and a major meltdown is astonishing. I guess we should be glad that adults repress so much.

Perhaps the funniest vision of the day was seeing all the children entering the petting zoo, brushes held high and aiming for a goat. Can't you imagine the goat's inner dialogue? Oh, God, here they come again. One goat came to where I was sitting and leaned into me for what could only be protection. Kids, the human kind, are ruthless in their pursuit of adventure. The pigeons feared for their lives.

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  1. love that goat drawing. love goats. hope to have some on the homestead soon-ish. and then i'll have a petting zoo of my very own, something, i think, i've always wanted. don't you love city-girl-gone-to-the-country?

    best wishes for a fab opening on thursday!


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