Friday, January 18, 2008

studio fidelity

I am of the mind that you need to go to the studio every day. Even if it is only to sweep or read. You know how it is in the middle of summer and your pants stick to you and lethargy has set in....well, it was colder than a witches ___, ( you know that lackluster ole boy phrase). I had on three layers and a scarf but I was too cold to move. I must admit, I am lucky to have a/c but I don't have heat. This is HOUSTON, we manufacture heat.

But it was still good to be there. I sat shivering and looking at all the raw material just waiting for me. Like the really great fancy cast iron frames that I couldn't pass up but now don't know how to make practical. And the balsa wood I sent away for, I still have plans for that. Lots of unassembled stretchers, piles of panels, paper, lots, and finally enough push pins.

And more than a few panels that need to be sanded and painted over. My dog couldn't understand why I had the door closed, bottling up his energy. Its sort of a San Francisco/Seattle day. And next August I won't be able to imagine the refreshing refrigerator air that is here now. And of course I will bitch about the weather.

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swamp, 55" x 29"

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