Sunday, January 13, 2008

enviornmentally alert

Drove to San Antonio yesterday to visit son and family. We headed west as the sun lifted off the horizon.
It was the first time this year that I noticed the bare trees, and salmon colored grasses. Texas does have its proud moments. The sunrise was all pink/mauve/purple and the trees sparkled silver. It was a beautiful day.
Our son and his wife (and child) are among the new young environmentalists. They strive to leave a small carbon footprint, eating/sleeping/gardening/flushing small/conserving/ all in awareness and consciousness.
They are restoring a small hundred plus year old house in a neighborhood that is more hood than neighbor.
They committed to this house, taking on much more than the average homeowner. I mean, who levels, rewires, de-leads, shovels debris, plugs the chinks in the uninsulated walls and floors...not to mention having no kitchen cabinets, bathroom sink, and for that matter bringing their own farm sink with them as that wasn't there either. Whew. I can barely sweep or empty the dishwasher. Well, I can, but I'd rather paint.

So, I think that little family is heroic. They have occasionally wanted to give up. But they haven't. And I hope there are lots of other young families doing the same in inner cities with houses and neighborhoods that need saving.

So, back home to a studio that is desperately seeking order. Maybe I'll read a book.

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