Thursday, April 17, 2008

compulsive artists or artists compulsive

Another thought after perusing Flickr: There is a group on there called Obsessive Drawing and one called Obsessive Compulsive Art, or something on that order. I contribute often to both. I paint compulsively and I draw compulsively. And I think I do a lot of other things compulsively.

I think I have to blame genetics. I managed not to become an alcoholic like some in my family, nor a real actual OCD person like another, BUT, I make art compulsively. Is this something most of us who are artists are guilty of? I couldn't stop painting for my last show and now I can't stop drawing. And this is fine, I guess, but sometimes it is at the cost of other duties. I have several artists in my family and yes, all pretty compulsive.

Does it come with the territory....are we artists because we are compulsive or are we compulsive because we are artists??????

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  1. That's a very good question. I am compulsive AS an artist. I don't think I am compulsive normally. I will have to ponder that.


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