Monday, April 7, 2008

our garden runneth over

It is Monday and we have managed to get through yet another weekend of not sweeping up the disgusting mess left by our big oak tree. Yellow pollen and seed things cover every surface. In a addition to that, when we cut down the Mexican plum tree last fall, we did not reckon on the orchard that has now sprouted all along the running underground roots of said tree.

So, shall we have a Mexican plum forest or shall we get the axe out? The indecision in our house has caused the forest to flourish. Isn't it amazing what happens to a garden? Everything changes!
The many gingers, the three enourmous clumps of bamboo, the pentas, the fireplants, and of course the "weeds" (it is subjective as to what is a weed), have crowded what once seemed like a very large yard. And because all of this is so overwhelming and because taxes are due, we will continue to watch it grow for a while. Happy Spring.

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