Friday, April 4, 2008

Walmart old furniture patina and global warming

There are some photos of my abode on Flickr right now, so I'll state my personal decorating belief system: No System. And its best if most everything can be previously used and/or handmade. There seems to be a kind of soul patina that attaches to things, especially wood things, that once belonged to someone else. Even better if many someone elses.

I grew up with Danish Modern and clean lines and surfaces to everything. No great surprise then that I prefer knarly wooden worn out things with banged up edges and surfaces. A bit of history, and it will be a history unknown, is a healthy thing for any object. And if we all did it maybe we wouldn't have furniture stores, Walmart and global warming. Far out, but just musing.


  1. "Soul patina," beautiful phrase. And what beautiful light in your studio! Lucky lady.

  2. Thanks, Amy. I happen to know that you have "soul patina" all over your property and all over every thing and body you come across. You are a soul sister, sister.


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